Miley Cyrus – up to "2014" Lifestyle Updates.
Miley Cyrus (108 pounds, 5 feet 4.5 inches).

Former Disney child star and current headline siren has had to grow up in the public eye. She shed her old Hannah Montana image and adopted new controversial persona. The singer told Rolling Stone magazine in a recent interview that she’s only 108 pounds. The media and the public have openly criticized Cyrus for her smaller frame, but the star just seems to be growing up and shedding her baby fat. Cyrus also says her intolerance to gluten and dairy caused a significant decrease in her weight. To get her super tight abs, the 21 year old says she does 30 minutes of crunches a day- now that’s a serious ab workout.


Miley Ray Cyrus was born Destiny Hope Cyrus in November 23, 1992. She was inducted into the industry through her father, Billy Ray Cyrus who is country singer turned actor. Her name symbolizes her parent’s belief that she would grow up to do great things. Destiny went to the nickname “Smiley” and later Miley. Her family is involved in the entertainment business with brother Trace in the band Metro Station, sister Noah as an actress and Brandi as a guitarist. It was the 2006 casting in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana that introduced the world to this teenager. Miley has the powerhouse Dolly Parton to call a godmother, who is helpful in giving advice on how to navigate the difficulties of fame and scrutiny. Miley was raised Christian, going to church regularly and wearing a purity ring.


Miley Cyrus is this generation’s most controversially successful pop star. She operates on the fringes of culture, always pushing the boundaries with her open sexuality and daring lyrics. She has become a music sensation, with international media constantly speculating over her fashion choices, interviews and rumors of her relationships. She has had a huge year with the singles "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" generating debate surrounding female sexuality and music appropriation of other cultures. Regardless of the media, Miley’s impact is unquestionable as she was recently recognized as the “Artist of the Year” by MTV in 2013. She ranks as on Forbes Celebrity 100 and has one of the most singles to chart Billboard Hot 100.

Personal Life:

Miley’s performance in the film The Last Song introduced to her to co-star and now separated fiancée Liam Hemsworth. In 2012, she inspired media attention but cutting off her traditional brown hair for a blonde pixie cut. This symbolized a transition from the teenage world of Hannah Montana to her maturation into an adult. Miley has stated that the cut changed her life and made her feel like herself as a declaration of individuality.

Health and Wellness:

The proof of Miley’s healthy body is in a midriff – that is the crop top that shows off her toned abs. Miley’s Pilates trainer advocates half an hour of crunches that focus on pulling the stomach into the lower back as you do the motions. Her youth gives her a fast metabolism to maintain her body with such a demanding schedule. Miley is also not able to eat gluten, so her stomach does not have bloating that eating those foods would give her. From the looks of her dewy skin, it appears that the star eats a lot of nutrient rich vegetables, lean proteins and fiber rich foods such as oats. The Belfast Telegraph reveals egg white omelets, raw veggies and fruit as a primary component of her diet. Running supplements her lifestyle, with a routine of 5 miles for 3 times a week.

With her schedule, Miley often has to attend dance rehearsals for her large-scale concert tours. Exercise is built into her lifestyle as her job demands active appearances for her fans. As for the anorexia rumors, Miley is simply a petite hard-working entertainer. Pilates is safely designed to target and work out the areas of the body that performers need to be toned when they sign in front of crowds in their revealing costumes. When choosing a fitness program, it is important to realize that everybody’s body has different limits and some are built on the slimmer side. The constant, regardless of body type should be happiness and health.




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