Michael Fassbender – up to "2014" Lifestyle Updates.

Age: 37

Background and Career

Michael Fassbender was born 2 April 1977 to mother Adele and father Joseph. He has a mixed Irish-German ancestry but was born in Germany. Fassbender has seen large-scale success later in his career with dramatic roles in the film Inglourious Basterds (2009), X-Men: First Class (2011), Prometheus (2012), and slave owner Edwin Epps in 12 Years a Slave (2013). The last film earned him Oscar recognition in a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category. The X-Men sequel is set to hit box offices this summer as Fassbender reprises his role as Magneto.

Health and Wellness

Fassbender is a machine of dedication. He uses his body as a tool that he can manipulate to portray his role. In a Steve McQueen collaboration Hunger, the already slim actor dropped dramatic weight by only eating 90 calories a day to play a the hunger-strike prisoner Bobby Sands. This drastic body change is not recommended, as the body needs more nutrition to thrive. Fassbender described nights as being the hardest, where he came to a point that his body could not sleep. He points out, the level of food based advertising on the television and how hard it was for him to resist the compulsion to give in. The starvation negatively affected his mood as he become surly and found himself imprisoned in the obsession with calorie counting. Yet the whole experience of taking away something, allows one to be grateful and humble at just how privileged the North American society is. After the film, the food Fassbender gravitated to break his fast was sushi.

In great contrast, the action film 300 and Centurion has the actor go in the opposite direction. He buffed and toned his body with hours of training; learning how to fight, use weapons so that filmed sequences seem as natural as possible. The films show evidence of this training, in the cut abs and chiseled muscles that stand on display in the sparse Spartan attire.





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