Melissa McCarthy – 2014 Lifestyle Updates.
Melissa McCarthy (200+ pounds, 5 feet 2 inches).

She’s a super talented actress- and it seems comedy is her forte since she’s had an amazing past few years as a result of her outstanding comedic work She’s had a slew of nominations and awards, one blockbuster hit after the other, and she’s the costar of CBS’s hit comedy Mike and Molly. McCarthy has been open about responding to her weight critics.

She told Good Housekeeping magazine that she doesn’t beat herself up over not being a size six because she knows she’s healthy. The mom of two girls says she doesn’t want to obsess and pass that habit onto her girls. McCarthy is great advocate for positive body image and self esteem for young girls and women across the board.


Melissa Ann McCarthy was born on August 26, 1970 in Plainfield, Illinois to a large Irish-Catholic family with parents Sandra and Michael. Notably, she is related to model Jenny McCarthy. McCarthy moved from doing stand-up comedy in The Groundlings, an improve comedy troupe in Los Angeles to a career in television, and more currently film.


This actress first won hearts in her portrayal as Sookie in the long running television series, Gilmore Girls. Her spirited, frantic character operated as a foil to main lead Lorelai in the charming small town coming of age story. Yet it was her raunchy role in the recent blockbuster film Bridesmaids that earned her Academy recognition and financial success. The actress went back to her comedy roots and spurred off a series of similar films such as Identity Thief, The Nines, The Back-up Plan, Life as We Know It, and The Hangover Part III. It was the 2013 film The Heat with co-star Sandra Bullock that not only did very well at the box-office but also is widely recognized as proof that female driven comedies do appeal to the audience.


You can see McCarthy’s husband, Ben Falcon, if you watch a couple of films where he often makes guest appearances. (He played her romantic interest in Bridesmaids). They have two daughters, Vivian and Georgette born in 2007 and 2010 respectively. Her latest film to hit the theatre will be a joint production where her husband directs his first picture with McCarthy as an endearing profanity laden woman in Tammy (2014).

Health and Wellness

McCarthy is not like most of peers. This is not a negative assessment but more of a true assessment of Hollywood where waif thin actresses are the norm. Yet, regardless of her weight, which the actress herself admits has been a constant struggle throughout her life, she is one of the most successful billing actresses. She tells the magazine Good Housekeeping that she does yearn sometimes to be a size six but she is “weirdly healthy” and does not want to pass body issues onto her daughters.

McCarthy maintains her health by leading a productive life by eating well, doing Pilates, tennis lessons and looking after her daughters on a daily basis. This actress is representative of the idea that women come in all sizes and that all that matters is focusing on wellness. To that end, McCarthy does not indulge in sweets and eats healthy. She really is the voice that speaks back to all the women that often become self-critical despite all the healthy changes they make. She advocates for a healthy image and not falling prey to the often, unhealthy Hollywood standards that do not match her reality. McCarthy is a friend with fellow actress Rebel and they both have reportedly made a pact to be healthy.