Mariah Carey – up to "2014" Lifestyle Updates.
Mariah Carey (125 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches).

The iconic diva joined the list of celebs that used endorsement deals to lose weight. The singer openly discussed her 70-pound weight gain with her twins on The Rosie O’Donnell Show and to Shape magazine. Carey had a difficult pregnancy and after losing an initial 40 pounds of water weight after delivery, she turned to Jenny Craig for her weight loss success. Carey says she had a structured eating plan with Jenny Craig along with a workout routine to lose the remaining 30 pounds, and she looks fantastic!


This multi-talented entertainer was born in Huntington on Long Island in New York. Her fair skin hints at a mixed ancestry that hails from Ireland from her mother’s side and African American/Venezuelan from her father’s side. Music runs in the veins of her family as her mother worked as both an opera singer and vocal couch, during which she met the practical engineer Alfred, Mariah’s father. This was a time of heightened prejudices, so Mariah’s mother was renounced from her family for her inter-race marriage. Mariah has spoken about this absence in her life, questioning why her maternal side rejected the union. She stands remarkably confidently, “happy with the combination of things [she] is” even after her parent’s subsequent divorce due to increasing societal pressures due to the mixed ethnicity. It should come to no surprise, that Mariah used to hide a radio under her covers and find solace through melody. A series of chance encounters and friendships with songwriter Gavin Christopher, drummer Ben Margulies and upcoming pop star Brenda K. Starr propelled Mariah from struggling waitressing and living in a shared one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan to impressing Tommy Mottola, the head of Columbia Records.



This American singer-songwriter/actress/record producer/philanthropist is a diva in the most generous application of the term. She has had an extensive career that has produced multi-platinum records, with consecutive singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Her career skyrocketed high with a collaborated with Boyz II Men on “One Sweet Day” but subsequently stalled in 2001 with a failed movie Glitter (2001) and a personal breakdown that led to her being hospitalized for exhaustion. This setback set the scene for the introduction of the Song of the Decade: “We Belong Together” declared by Billboard from The Emancipation of Mimi (2005). Her surprisingly nuanced depiction of an exhausted social worker, showed Mariah stripped of makeup in an acclaimed supporting role in Precious (2009). Despite a career that spans two decades, 200 million records, and numerous awards Mariah defies age.

Personal Life:

Mariah married and later separated from Columbia Records executive Tommy Mottola due to creative differences around her music and his alleged controlling nature. She met her current husband and father of her twins, Nick Cannon, during the shooting of her music video that led to a 2008 private wedding. Pregnancy was especially difficult for this actress as she suffered from high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, and gestational diabetes.

Health and WellnessPersonal Life:

Mariah is a woman who embraces curves. She is not shy, and shows off her hard work in gorgeous, fitted gowns on the red carpet. Her graceful demeanor as she glides across the cameras makes it appear that everything comes effortlessly. The truth her personal trainer Patricia Gay acknowledges is that Mariah’s weight has always been a challenge. The numbers would always flummox up and down and it is only recently where she has been able to come into this space of stability. The difference is simply diet. Consistently eating fruits and vegetables over her favorite of pasta and bread has allowed her to shed her unwanted pounds.

What makes the difference in health is really keeping a challenging fitness routine. It is often easy to fall into regular habits of doing the same exercises over and over. Mariah adapts her exercise to match how well her diet went that week. This allows a built in flexibility and the recognition that the body is always changing and needs to be matched.

Pilates, water exercises and weight lifting is a favorite with focus on her abs and backside, occasionally working with fitness ball. She also does not obsess over numbers, and favors overall wellness. This actress refuses to be tortured by a scale and instead gauges her level of health by how her clothes fit her and how she feels in them. Her daily diet has some form of an omelet, fruit, protein (fish/chicken/steak), green leafy vegetables and snacks such as applesauce. The difficulty in sustaining this diet is boredom. To combat that, preparing your protein in different spices, which carry no additional calories, allows you to keep motivated in healthy eating.







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