Justin Timberlake – up to "2014" Lifestyle Updates.
Justin Timberlake (165 pounds, 6 feet 1 inch).

The pop star and actor has a naturally slim and athletic build and maintains it with cardio and weight training, but he admits to doing all this just so he can eat and not feel guilty about it! Timberlake admits to being a “foodie” and indulging in “food and wine.”

For his role in Friends with Benefits he slimmed down and toned up even more, during which time he had to scale back the beers. The movie has plenty of steamy nude scenes with him and his stunning co-star Mila Kunis so he admitted he didn’t want to “look like a meathead.” To do this, all Timberlake really had to do was up his cardio because of his already slender build.


Timberlake was born on January 31, 1981 in Memphis, Tennessee, to parents Randall and Lynn. At a young age, entertainers wowed the pop singer – Janet Jackson’s vivacious energy inspired the singer to not only sing but also perform fully for the audience. The young star grew up in a small town in Shelby Forest, with two half brothers from his father’s second marriage. Being cast in The Mickey Mouse Club is what set into motion everything that led Timberlake to success. It was here that he originally met his future girlfriend and fellow pop icon Britney Spears and his future 'N Sync bandmate JC Chasez. Other notable members include Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling.


American singer Timberlake can proudly say he brought sexy back. He did that while making seven million sales for each album that he has consistently released. That makes him one of the most successful singers of the decade. 'N Sync financed by Lou Pearlman launched Timberlake into an era of the boy bands. Millions of fans surrounded the group and cheered at their sold out concerts. The group went on a break and this allowed Timberlake to go on a solo career that spurred hits like "Cry Me a River," and "SexyBack." The singer tried his hand at acting starring in The Social Network, Bad Teacher, In Time, and Friends with Benefits. More recently, after a seven year hiatus Timberlake has returned with the album The 20/20 Experience with hits like “Suit & Tie” and “Take Back the Night.”

Health and Wellness

Timberlake always looks effortlessly slim and tall in his designer suits. That does not come without effort, as his defined abs are built over hours of continuous crunches. To spread out this intense fitness routine, the actor only works out in the gym 5 times a week. Yet, that does not mean the other two days are free days. Instead Timberlake fits in dancing and basketballs to work out his whole body, distributing equal pressure all over his body.

Timberlake’s organic lifestyle includes a day full of eggs, fruit juice, protein shake, side portions of rice and spiced chicken. The different spices bring flavor to the protein and keep it from being boring. He rounds off the end of the day with three more boiled eggs, giving him optimal energy to sleep well and work throughout the day.





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