Jennifer Aniston – up to "2014" Lifestyle Updates.
Jennifer Aniston (117 pounds, 5 feet 4.5 inches).

At 44, the super fit actress played a stripper in the summer movie We’re the Millers and she worked hard to make sure her body was perfection. A 20-year commitment to yoga and the Zone Diet are the star’s secrets to keeping her feeling youthful even well into her 40s. To get her butt into shape for its stripper debut in the film she turned to squats, yoga, and the bar method- a technique sometimes using the ballet bar but mostly just using dance and physical therapy techniques for core strengthening and muscle definition.


Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born on February 11, 1969 in Los Angeles, California to fellow actor parents, John and Nancy. She hails from Greek, Italian, Scottish and Irish ancestry, and actually lived in Greece for a whole year as a child. The actress has two half-brothers, John and Alex. Eventually Aniston’s family settled in New York City, where Aniston went to Rudolf Steiner School, a Waldorf educational school that applied the Rudolf Steiner philosophy and introduced the eleven year old to her eventual love of acting.


Aniston is America’s sweetheart, gaining prominent worldwide popularity as Rachel Green on the iconic pop culture sitcom, Friends which ran from 1994 to 2004. This role was so universally loved, that many salons have their customers asking for the Rachel hairstyle. The actress made a successful transition from television into film. She starred in Bruce Almighty (2003), The Break-Up (2006), Marley & Me (2008) and Just Go with It (2011). The film Horrible Bosses (2011) had Aniston wearing a prosthetic nose, and darkening her usual golden locks for the role. She shocked and appealed to fans with her surprisingly hilarious role as a vulgar, sexually inappropriate dentist in the film. This led her to star in the similarly funny raunchy comedy We're the Millers (2013), whose grossing combined with all her others films have totaled over $200 million, just in the United States.

Health and Wellness:

Aniston has a toned body that defies age and gravity. Her lean muscles are due to her strict regimen of always ending each day with stretches and sit-ups. A mixture of cardio, running, Pilates and yoga is what works to keep the pounds off the star. The secret to her lean arms that the actress often shows off in sleeveless black dresses on the red carpet is weights. Aniston actually walks around, and does her daily errands with weights on her arms. She is able to 8-pound lifts, while relaxing and watching television at the same time.

This might seem difficult, but the actress tells Women’s Health that it is often the first ten minutes of the work out that are the hardest. After that, endorphins start to rush and the body starts to feel good, motivating you until the rest. A sample of Aniston’s diet is a collection of smoothies, soup, seaweed salad, and fresh vegetables. Frozen watermelon, and other fruits serve as a nice cool treat. She has also tried the Zone Diet, which focuses on a 40:30:30 split between carbohydrates, fats and proteins.




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