Freida Pinto – up to "2014" Lifestyle Updates.
Freida Pinto (114 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches).

Former Slumdog Millionaire star, and recent Immortals actress told Access Hollywood that she felt guilty when she watched her Immortals co-stars dieting. Pinto, who says she generally stays in great shape, didn’t have to watch what she ate, but since her male co-stars needed to look like warriors they weren’t allowed such luxuries!

Health and Wellness

For this beautiful actress, the secret to her flawless skin and perfect body is organic living. She is an avid believer in juice cleansing, using beets, carrots and corianders to pack her drinks with nutrients. She avoids manufactured foods, staying away from soft drinks and coffee. Small meals, lukewarm water, soups and fresh fruits and vegetables keep this star looking young and energized.

To keep her body healthy, Pinto does a variety of yoga, Pilates, cardio in revolving 30-minute intervals. She does not enjoy going to the gym, so that makes her routine perfect for her on-the-go lifestyle, where all you need on hand is a mat. This actress is not ashamed to admit, that all the working out is balanced by time at the spa, where she receives massages to keep her skin healthy. A spa is the perfect treat, to relax and release tension from the stresses of everyday life. She also advocates for a good nights rest, and incorporates family secrets such as massaging coconut oil into the scalp into her routine. As her family is from South India, the actress also eats her mom’s chapattis and rice pancakes.


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