BAR RAFAELI – up to "2014" Lifestyle Updates.

Age: 28

Background and Career

This stunning model was born in Israel to Jewish parents Rafael and Tzipi on June 4th, 1985. Her parents own a horse ranch, but cultivated her modeling aspirations from the young age of eight months. Bar has a role model to get advice from, as from her mother was also a successful model in the 1970s, under her maiden name, Tzipi Levine. Bar’s Jewish ancestry hails from the varied, Italy, Lithuania and Poland on her grandparent’s side. After a short break, due to adolescent braces Bar went back to modeling at the age of 15 going on to become a covetable Victoria’s Secret Angel. A long life of modeling has given her insight into her own body: it is exercise (Krav Maga an Israel martial arts routine) and organic living such as a tall glass of hot water infused with lemon that keeps her body perfect.

Health and Wellness

Bar is lucky, in that she tells Cosmo UK that she does not usually crave “bad things.” This might be because her body is attuned to healthy living through long-term Pilates and TRX exercise. Maintaining a routine, four times a week for an hour each allows the body to adapt to the fitness. This model works out a lot because she likes to “look good and feel good.” She enjoys the rush of endorphins that make her feel alive.

The model practices a positive body image by focusing on overall health rather than numbers. She tells Maxim that sexiness comes from within and can be achieved through consistent healthy options rather than dangerous fad diets. The rules are simple, as there is no secret strange food item out there to drop weight. For any major photo shoot, the model simply exercises longer or pairs down her eating to chicken and salad temporarily.

This model has plans to build a business empire by investing in various ventures. Her portfolio is diverse consisting of a 2011 E-commerce company called that sells designer underwear, the 2013 IPad application ‘Mika Look’ that allows users to buy clothes worn by models, and MyCheck a payment processor for smart phones. All these enterprises have raised millions of dollars, but like any other business are susceptible to fine-tuning. The e-commerce lingerie venture, that she runs with her business partner an attorney and former male model, David Balsar has needed employee cuts to remain efficient.

You can see the model in the fall premier of Israel's X-Factor for which she reportedly earns $270,000 to host.

Linked to Leonardo DiCaprio.





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