Ashley Greene – up to "2014" Lifestyle Updates.
Ashley Greene (110 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches).

Best known as Twilight’s Alice Cullen, Ashley Greene had to prepare for her role as the sculpted quick killing vampire. She credits her quick preparation to the fact that her body holds muscle easily and so she bulks up quickly. She says she enjoys a healthy woman’s body that’s fit over a frail child-like one.


This actress was raised in a nuclear family with a U.S. Marine as a father and mother who works in insurance. Both parents, Joe and Michele remain together and live together with Greene’s older brother, Joe in their childhood city Jacksonville, Florida. It was the actress that branched away from her home to pursue acting, at the age of seventeen after having completed her studies at Wolfson High School. Greene was lucky enough to work with friends Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone while filming the popular Twilight franchise. The actress has been linked to Joe Jonas in the past, but is currently seeing Paul Khoury. 2009 was a stressful year for the star, as nude self-portraits leaked onto the Internet. Since then, Greene’s lawyers have tried to pursue a lawsuit for damages.


Ashley Michele Greene is better known as Alice Cullen to her fans— from the film adaption of Stephenie Meyer's popular Twilight novels. Before that defining role, this actress was searching for her big break in acting, after she discovered that her height stood in the way of a successful modeling career. Taking acting classes led her to the realization that, acting is where her passion lay. After her Los Angeles move, Greene was hired for guest appearances on Punk’d and Crossing Jordan until the 2008 Twilight casting. Since then, Greene has reprised her role in all the sequels of the franchise and taken the indie route to gain recognition. This includes the film Skateland, which premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. More recently, Greene starred in the historical film CBGB (2013).

Health and Wellness:

Greene is extremely fit, clearly evident by her body-painted nude bikini advertisements for SoBe, which ran in the 2010 issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She is comfortable showcasing all her toned limbs, and healthy curves. Those curves exist, because unlike some of her peers Greene is not looking to thin out and just subsist on lettuce. The actress likes to challenge her body to look its best by eating well and doing cardio. She shares with Woman’s Health Magazine her rotation of squats, traditional planks, side planks and kettlebells cardio. Greene thrives with competition often challenging her co-workers to some friendly competition.

To look like this fantastically fit actress you should also supplement Pilates into your routine, made more enjoyable by a high-energy playlist. It goes without saying that a healthy diet of tuna, eggs, vegetables, chicken and the occasional brownie is what keeps her weight stable.




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