Celebrities weight, height and lifestyle monthly updates.
Celebrities weight / height and lifestyle updates (April / 2014).

Bodies vary as much in Hollywood as they do in the “real world” with the rest of us. Check out our list of Hollywood Celebs, from those who sport tinier frames to more voluptuous beauties. See what measures you’re fave actors have gone through to transform their bodies for roles. Compare your height and weight to your favourite celebrity, and see how they stay fit and healthy!

Adriana Lima (123 pounds, 5 feet 10 inches).

Supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana is known for her incredible physique. She shocked viewers and doubled her fan base when she shed nearly 50 pounds just weeks after the she had her second child- all in time to walk the runway! She is a follower of the Paleo diet and is known for her extreme and grueling workout sessions to which she owes her incredibly toned body.

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Alicia Keys (125 pounds, 5 feet 6 inches)

The 14 time Grammy winning singer and songwriter is no stranger to curves. Known for her wide hips and thick thighs, the star maintains a healthy physique while still keeping her womanly figure. The 32 year old mom of one revealed a new slimmed down body only six weeks after having her son, but admitted to working out “five days a week” with a celebrity trainer and strictly following the 5-Factor Diet Program.

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Olivia Wilde (115 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches) *switch Amber Valetta*

Irish-American actress and fashion model with the ‘exotic cat-like’ eyes, was voted PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian in 2010, and top five in Maxim’s Hot 100 List in 2012. Olivia was quoted saying it makes her “sad when people say ‘Oh, I don’t eat gluten.’” However, the star can afford to indulge in pizza and pastries with a fitness routine that includes one hour cardio sessions daily, mixed martial arts three times a week, and strength training three times a week!

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Angelina Jolie (125 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches)

The Oscar winning superstar and philanthropist has been on the ‘too-thin’ lists lately. Angelina has always been on the thinner side of celebs, but the 38-year-old actress has found herself being called “dangerously thin” by media outlets for plummeting below 100 pounds during the stress surrounding her double mastectomy last year. Even with a thin frame, her physique is very strong due to the training she undergoes for action roles like weapons training, kickboxing, and street fighting.

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Serena Williams (150 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches) *switch for Anna Kournikova*

Currently ranked as No. 1 in women’s singles tennis, Serena’s body is constantly on display. Whether she’s serving a mean play on court, posing for Sports Illustrated, or is being photographed by paparazzi, Serena’s body plays for keeps. Incredibly chiseled with thicker curves, she credits her amazingly fit body to focused core work, and has recently started lifting her own body weight as training.

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Mila Kunis (115 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches) *switch for Ashely Judd*

Voted no.3 on Maxim’s Top 100 Hot Women in the World 2012, and gaining worldwide accolades for her role in ‘Black Swan’, Mila Kunis has come a long way since her days on ‘That 70s Show’. Already a petite frame, to prepare for her role as a ballerina in ‘Black Swan’ the actress lost 20 pounds in five months by working out five hours a day seven days a week! The star happily reported to putting back 25 pounds soon after filming ended. Mila does admit to a regular workout routine of three days a week, and five days when she’s preparing for a role.

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Avril Lavigne (110 pounds, 5 feet 1 inch)

The Canadian born singer/songwriter openly admitted to having a bad diet in which she would indulge in “lots of sugar and carbs, junk food all the time” saying it left her feeling “irritated” and in a “grouchy mood.” Looking for a change she made the switch to eating mainly lean proteins, veggies, eggs, and low calorie fruit.

Bar Rafaeli (128 pounds, 5 feet 8.5 inches)

The Israeli born fashion model and Victoria’s Secret Angel insists she does not diet or “deny myself anything” as a lover of “food and dessert” but owes her dynamite body to exercise and young age. Bar says she likes to kick start her metabolism in the morning by drinking hot water with lemon to cleanse her system. She is also trained in Krav Maga, native to Israel it is a martial arts and self defense routine.

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Beyonce (130 pounds, 5 feet 6.5 inches)

The multi-grammy winning superstar reportedly put on 60 pounds during her pregnancy, and lost it all just weeks after giving birth. She still managed to maintain her curves, but the real weight loss that shocked was at the recent 2014 Grammy’s. She revealed a new incredibly slim toned body that is credited to a vegan diet and new eating habits- like cleansing with fruits, veggies, and plants.

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Blake Lively (130 pounds, 5 feet 10 inches)

The actress insists she doesn’t diet but just lives an active lifestyle. However, she did use celebrity trainer Bobby Strom to help her get fit for her role in The Green Lantern. Strom’s routine was circuit workouts that transformed Blake’s body in only three weeks!

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Brad Pitt (172 pounds, 5 feet 11 inches)

For his iconic roles in Fight Club and Troy Brad Pitt used the same workout plan that’s been dubbed “The Fight Club Workout” due to its popularity. The routine required the actor to focus on a different muscle group daily and then allowing it to rest for the remaining week.

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Britney Spears (115 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches)

It seems natural that the pop star would find success with a workout routine that focuses on dance. After having her children, she was able to dance her way back to her pre-baby weight by having a workout routine that included lots of dancing!

Michael Fassbender (167.5 pounds, 6 feet) *Bruce Willis*

His body in the ancient battle movie 300 and shortly Centurion afterwards put the “300 workout” on the map- an intense weight and training regimen with a specific diet used by both Fassbender and Gerrard Butler for their roles in 300. To prepare for both roles he also practiced hours of fight training, learning to wield weapons and practicing fight sequences.

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Katy Perry (130 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches) *Calista Flockhart*

As one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now, Katy Perry needs to maintain her body and keep her energy levels high for those continuous tour dates. She does this using the 5 Factor Diet in which she’s required to have 5 small meals throughout the day, keeping her metabolism boosted.

Cameron Diaz (128 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches)

The beautiful actress whose body has been admired throughout her career has now put her secrets down on paper. She’s written, The Body Book in which she encourages readers to take part in healthy lifestyle changes and enjoy a body similar to hers … but it will take a lot of work!

Emilia Clarke (115 pounds, 5 feet 3 inches) *Carmen Kass*

The Game of Thrones star recently topped AskMen.com’s 99 Most Desirable Women’s list. In her role as the “Mother of Dragons” she’s had several nude scenes and is a natural in them, but she’s never revealed how she prepares for her stunning shots. Rather, she just comments on her natural beauty regimen of toning, moisturizing, and bath salts. It could just be a combination of youth and good genes!

Kim Kardashian (134.5 pounds, 5 feet 2.5 inches) *Carmen Electra*

After gaining 43 pounds during her pregnancy, the socialite celebrity turned to the Atkins diet to loose the baby weight. With a reported diet of 2000 calories of healthy fats and proteins combined with a workout that includes pilates and boot camps, Kim was able to accomplish her goal in a very short amount of time.

Carrie Underwood (117 pounds, 5 feet 3 inches)

The petite grammy-winning country superstar is open about how hard she works to maintain her physique. She’s a vegan who also steers towards low carbs. She also tracks what she eats and stocks her own fridge with healthy snacks when she travels. Carrie is also an exercise enthusiast, enjoying cardio and strength training.

Emily Blunt (115 pounds, 5 feet 7.5 inches) *Cate Blanchet*

The beautiful British actress, despite being very pregnant still manages to stay physically active- working out, hiking, and walking. This doesn’t seem surprising as she prepared for her role in The Adjustment Bureau as a professional dancer by training almost four hours a day for a month.

Catherine Zeta Jones (128 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches)

The timeless beauty has continued to age gracefully due to her eating habits of only three meals a day with no snacks. It is also a great bonus that she lives in Bermuda, since she’s able to “do a lot of swimming both in the ocean and in the pool.”

Charlize Theron (121 pounds, 5 feet 9.5 inches).

Her role in Monster earned her an Oscar, but it definitely garnered her major respect as truly respecting her acting craft when she gained 30 pounds for it. Her complete body transformation had to be done with trained professionals in order for her to do it safely, and also to later lose the excess weight just as safely. Charlize admits that she’s one of those women who gains weight easily and needs to watch what she eats.

Christian Bale (181 pounds, 6 feet).

The actor is no stranger to losing and gaining weight for roles, going down as low as 120 pounds for his role in The Machinist. He literally starved himself for the role eating only a can of tuna and an apple everyday! Bulking up to 220 pounds for The Dark Knight shortly after was probably a welcome change.

Christina Aguilera (126 pounds, 5 feet 1.5 inches).

The R&B and Pop singer-songwriter is no stranger to being publicly criticized about her weight as she fluctuates up and down often. Her latest 35 pound weight loss was so dramatic it stirred rumours of plastic surgery, which she denies and instead credits a low carb diet and yoga regimen to her again renewed body.

Isla Fisher (130 pounds, 5 feet 3 inches) *Christy Turlington*

Funny girl and actress Isla credits her fitness routine to being a busy mom of two and practicing yoga five times a week. As someone who doesn’t enjoy the gym Isla says she’s an outdoor person who enjoys doing things that require a lot of energy!

Ciara (130 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches).

The princess of R&B has been praised for her chiseled abs, muscular arms, and lean toned legs from the start of her career. She’s managed to maintain and even improve her stunning body by avoiding salt, working out for an hour 5-6 times a week, and eating five small meals a day.

Cindy Crawford (125 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches).

Former supermodel and current spokeswoman somehow manages to actually get more beautiful (and younger looking…) every year. Cindy offers her diet and exercise routine in her Shape your Body fitness DVD’s. At 47 she still manages to radiate youth!

Ashley Greene (110 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches) *Cindy Margolis*.

Best known as Twilight’s Alice Cullen, Ashley Greene had to prepare for her role as the sculpted quick killing vampire. She credits her quick preparation to the fact that her body holds muscle easily and so she bulks up quickly. She says she enjoys a healthy woman’s body that’s fit over a frail child like one.

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Kat Dennings (128 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches) *Courtney Love*.

The Two Broke Girls star is known for her curvy hourglass figure. She confessed to not knowing how to eat right, and reaching for candy and soda just to keep her energy levels up. To change her eating habits she started using an organic food delivery program called Paleta.

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Daniel Radcliffe (117 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches).

Best known as Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has also showed that he has a toned and lean body under his Hogwarts uniform. For his onstage role in the play “Equus” audiences got a nude view of Radcliffe’s body. Radcliffe toned up by cutting out beer and cigarettes and swapping pizza and junk food for salad, veggies, lean meats and dairy.

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Daniel Craig (172 pounds, 5 feet 10.5 inches).

Playing James Bond three times over meant sculpting his body to Bond perfection triple time and he never failed to impress. Daniel achieved this by eating 5 meals a day with heavy protein content and a specially designed 6 -day workout regimen.

Kelly Rowland (128 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches) *Denise Richards*.

The R&B singer’s flat abs and sculpted arms are the envy of many. She gives full credit to her personal trainer for her incredible body, but says she believes in the 80/ 20 rule- 80% of her diet is healthy, while the other 20% is her choice!

Drew Barrymore (126 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches).

Having struggled with her weight for a long time, the actress finally managed to lose 20 pounds in 2004 and has maintained it. With the help of a personal trainer, the actress ran five miles three times a week, practiced yoga, and intense boot camps to gain her dramatic and quick weight loss.

Elisha Cuthbert (115 pounds, 5 feet 2.5 inches).

Although the Canadian-born actress is not a fan of junk food she still found her metabolism had slowed down by the time she turned 25. In order to maintain her weight she now has to run 6 times a week for 45 minutes plus yoga!

Elle MacPherson (128 pounds, 6 feet).

Even at 49, the supermodel proved she could stun by recreating her very iconic 1994 ‘Playboy’ cover for Australian ‘Harper’s Bazaar.’ It’s been almost 20 years and six ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue”(s) later and she’s barely aged. She owes this to an organic diet and one hour workouts everyday.

Kaley Cuoco (126 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches) *Emily Osment*.

The gorgeous The Big Bang Theory star admits to being able to gorge a whole pizza and beers alone! Because of this she knows that she has to be at the gym continuously. The star admits to watching what she eats and making healthy choices, but not depriving herself or dieting.

Christina Hendricks (154 pounds, 5 feet 7.5 inches) *Emma Bunton*.

The voluptuous Mad Men star happily admits to enjoying her curvy body, a result of a 15-pound weight gain in her 20s. She says she enjoys exercise but doesn’t slave herself to it, making sure she takes care of herself first.

Eva Longoria (105 pounds, 5 feet 2 inches).

The stunning Latin beauty was recently named Maxim’s Woman of the Year 2014. It’s not a surprise that the actress obtained a Bachelors degree in kinesiology and was an aerobics instructor prior to becoming an actress. She says she was addicted to exercise in college doing 1.5-2 hours a day!

Emma Stone (115 pounds, 5 feet 6 inches) *Faith Hill*.

The pretty comedic actress sports a healthy body image and attitude to match. She openly admits to hating Hollywood diets, and needing extra help to get motivated. The 25-year-old actress says she doesn’t deprive herself of anything and exercises moderately, although she knows she should do more.

Naomi Harris (125 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches) *Fergie*.

Getting prepared for her role as Bond girl and MI6 agent was a drastic change for Harris, who admits to being completely lazy and not exercising at all! The actress was challenged when she had to start working out 2 months prior to shooting for five days a week with a personal trainer, not to mention the training during filming.

Hugh Jackman (181 pounds, 6 feet 2 inches) *Fiona Apple*.

Jackman becoming ‘Wolverine’ every time the X-Men franchise makes another movie is what truly draws audiences. Jackman’s packed body of muscle seems almost otherworldly, but the results are apparently achievable. They just involve 90-minute workouts (daily), big compound lifts, and a calorie specific diet.

George Clooney (185 pounds, 5 feet 11 inches).

Mr. Clooney’s secret to still looking this amazing well into his 50s? The star admits its Bikram or Hot Yoga. This style of yoga is usually done at 105 degrees, is more intense than regular hatha flow classes, and last about 90 minutes consisting of roughly 26 poses and some breathing exercises.

Adele (187 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches) *Geri Halliwell*.

The beautiful UK singing/songwriting sensation literally changed the music industry’s sales with her chart-topping album 21. However, the star’s weight seems to be a constant topic in the media. Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld, even went as far as calling the singer “too fat.” None of this ‘name-calling’ has got to the full figured beauty, who says she represents “real women” and does not want to portray models on magazine covers. She feels as a singer her career should not be affected by her weight.

Gisele Bundchen (125 pounds, 5 feet 11 inches).

The highest paid model in the world is also a 31-year-old mom of two!

The Brazilian model and Victoria’s secret angel really does deserve her paycheck as she basically lives and breathes fitness. The supermodel is so dedicated to her fitness and training that she was still doing Kung Fu right up until two weeks before delivery! Anusara Yoga, a very lean balanced diet with lots of meat based protein sources, and an active lifestyle in general also lend to her amazing physique.

Kerry Washington (117 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches) *Gwen Stefani*.

The actress has had a busy year and a lot of red carpet appearances. Her amazing style sense landed her on the top of Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List for 2013, and her body was on point in every stunning outfit. The Scandal star says she does Pilates as much as she can for 60 minutes at a time.

Her personal trainer says she focuses on strengthening Kerry’s calves and Achilles tendon during their Pilates sessions, because doing so can help you walk longer in heels and make it hurt less! Kerry also opened up last year about suffering from bulimia in college, and that she still attends therapy today.

Lupita Nyong’o (132 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches) *Lacey Chabert*.

This newcomer to Hollywood is the most buzzed about actress this year, with a fresh Oscar win for her role in Twelve Years a Slave. The Mexican born Kenyan beauty appears to have an incredibly fit body with lovely sculpted arms and legs. Although the star doesn’t openly admit to any diet or exercise routine, she emulates the glow of a person who leads an active and healthy lifestyle.

Halle Berry (116 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches).

The petite and stunning actress manages to maintain a beautiful body that seems to defy time. The ageless and timeless beauty has maintained her figure, but unlike other actresses she didn’t take the route of intense training to prepare for her movie roles, like Catwoman.

She instead sticks to Harley Pasternak’s 5-Factor program where she’s eating 5 small meals a day and keeping her energy boosted. For Catwoman she only had half hour breaks so she would train for 25 minutes, five days a week. Pasternak says the secret to this type of training is mixing cardio with weight lifting for a simple routine with very effective results.

Bradley Cooper (183 pounds, 6 feet 1 inch) *Heather Locklear*.

For his role in The A-Team Bradley Cooper put on the muscle and toned down any fat by cutting all sugar, salt, flour, and sandwiches! This diet allowed him to sculpt up those abs and eliminate any fat quickly. The diet alone can’t take the credit though. He reportedly worked out for two hours a day with a trainer! The actor was quoted joking about eating an almond sandwiched between two grape halves as treat.

Heidi Klum (125 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches).

While still breastfeeding her first child and having just given birth two months prior, Heidi Klum picked this optimal moment to walk the Victoria’s secret lingerie show!
To prepare for the show the model would workout with her personal trainer twice a day. With mornings dedicated to exercises like lunges, yoga, and shadow boxing the two would use the afternoons for cardio and core work.

Jake Gyllenhaal (167 pounds, 6 feet) *Hilary Duff*.

Although the actor has a slim and well maintained body, his role for Prince of Persia required the star to reshape his body into a more ripped and muscular physique.
To prepare for the role, he reportedly ran over hot sands in Morocco with 20 pounds of weight on him to simulate the feeling of armor!

Gerard Butler (185 pounds, 6 feet 2 inches) *Hulk Hogan*.

The British star’s incredibly muscular body in 300 was a result of a four month transformation that he says included both body and mind, because the training was to build a warriors physique therefore he had to create a warrior’s mind set. The results of his effort have now created the “300 diet” for men looking to achieve the same results.

Jason Statham (176, 5 feet 9 inches).

While prepping for his role in The Expendables a few years back, the actor visited a California Prison to observe how the prisoners worked out. He found that the inmates had explosive strength and ripped shape, but no equipment or weights (because they had been banned). Instead the inmates used their own body weight. He uses what he saw there in his training six days a week.

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Joy Bryant (115 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches) *Jenna Jameson*.

The actress is the current co-star of the new release About Last Night and a regular on primetime’s Parenthood. The stunning lean beauty was a former fashion model turned actress. Bryant says she follows a strict vegetarian diet and is devotee of Kundalini Yoga for its mental and physical benefits.

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Jessica Alba (115 pounds, 5 feet 6 inches).

Repeatedly topping “most desirable” and “sexiest woman” lists, the actresses sultry look and toned physique are results of daily workouts and healthy eating. The mother of two says for her it’s not about weight loss but about healthy living. Alba says in addition to cutting out unprocessed foods she also consumes a green shake every day consisting of kale, spinach, green apple, blueberries, ginger, cucumber, and celery.

Jessica Biel (116 pounds, 5 feet 7.5 inches).

The actress who’s toned arms and tight behind get her on every body envy list, knows that working out is a job requirement. To make it more enjoyable the star takes her workouts outdoors: Leading an active lifestyle, Biel runs, hikes, and mountain climbs to stay fit. Her magic combination for physical fitness is sports, plyometrics, and yoga. In addition to physical activity the actress also gives her body plenty of rest, water, and stays away from alcohol.

Jessica Simpson (125 pounds, 5 feet 3 inches).

Former pop star, actress, and current weight watchers spokes model has openly struggled with her weight. She first started her endorsement with Weight Watchers during her first pregnancy. Four months after delivering her second child, Jessica turned to a personal trainer and her Weight Watchers program and shed over 50 pounds! The star doesn’t look down on her old body though, and represents a healthy and real portrayal of women and weight issues. She admits she loves her body at any size but “this version feels really good.”

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Jennifer Aniston (117 pounds, 5 feet 4.5 inches).

At 44, the super fit actress played a stripper in the summer movie We’re the Millers and she worked hard to make sure her body was perfection. A 20-year commitment to yoga and the Zone Diet are the star’s secrets to keeping her feeling youthful even well into her 40s. To get her butt into shape for its stripper debut in the film she turned to squats, yoga, and the bar method- a technique sometimes using the ballet bar but mostly just using dance and physical therapy techniques for core strengthening and muscle definition.

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Jennifer Garner (120 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches).

The mom of three recalls a time when for her role in television’s Alias, she had daily early morning workouts and an intense rigorous diet. The now more relaxed actress admits that watching every calorie that goes into her body is a thing of the past and to do that again is “not on the top” of her list. Instead she opts to work out with her trainer at home and keep close to her kids.

Jennifer Lopez (130 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches).

The singer and actress is known for having one of the best celebrity bodies, and she doesn’t just chalk it all up to good genes and eating whatever she wants. She admits its work, and it’s a job that’s on her mind all the time. She admits to being “incredibly disciplined” and that she’s never been attracted to the idea of indulging in comforts like pints of ice cream.

Rashida Jones (115 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches) *Jenny McCarthy*.

Comedic actress, writer, and exotic beauty has great genes with Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones as mom and dad, but admits to being a chubby kid and preteen. It was this period in her life that made her realize that she had a comedic gift. The now slim and toned actress says obsessing over weight is still not her thing.

Elizabeth Banks (123 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches) *Jewel*.

The talented, gorgeous, and funny actress is both down to earth and Hollywood chic. When prepping for a role, she simply cuts out anything white: no rice, no bread, no pasta, and no sugar. Instead she opts for “tons of protein and veggies.” Her reason for this is she knows she has portion control issues and admits that when she eats out with her husband they “always split one appetizer and one entrée.”

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Colin Farrell (175 pounds, 5 feet 10 inches) *Jodie Kidd*.

Says he really looked to “The Biggest Loser” reality weight loss television show to prepare for his role in Total Recall. He used the methods of cardio mixed with weight training to achieve his body. He says the show is one of his favourites because the show serves as an inspiration. The lean and cut actor said he ate “a lot of greens and chicken” and he “didn’t order dessert for four months.” It seems attitude has a lot to do with it!

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Johnny Depp (152 pounds, 5 feet 10 inches).

The men in Hollywood work as hard as the women to keep themselves looking slim and toned, and Johnny Depp is no exception. Depp is always in the best shape whether he’s preparing for a role or not. He does this by following a diet that’s low in calories, with no oily food, and low in sodium in addition to drinking a gallon of green tea- which is believed to aid in weight loss and boost metabolism.

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Julia Roberts (126 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches).

Natural timeless beauty and Oscar winning actress is as fit as ever at 46, and a mom of three. Although the star has never openly struggled with any weight issues and seems to have a good set of genes on her side, she does maintain her lucky physique by eating salads, veggies, and whole foods. She also runs, does yoga and Pilates, and plays tennis.

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Nicki Minaj (135 pounds, 5 feet 2 inches) *Julia Stiles*.

The beautiful rap star is known for voluptuous hour-glass figure- a heavy top and heavy set bottom with a tiny waist- that always look great in her extra stylish outfits. The star, however, says she doesn’t do anything to maintain her curvaceous bod. She feels working out shrinks her bust line- and she has no interest in that! Rather, when she feels she needs to lose weight Nicki says she just changes what she eats like cutting out “carbs and sugar.”

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Justin Timberlake (165 pounds, 6 feet 1 inch).

The pop star and actor has a naturally slim and athletic build and maintains it with cardio and weight training, but he admits to doing all this just so he can eat and not feel guilty about it! Timberlake admits to being a “foodie” and indulging in “food and wine.”

For his role in Friends with Benefits he slimmed down and toned up even more, during which time he had to scale back the beers. The movie has plenty of steamy nude scenes with him and his stunning co-star Mila Kunis so he admitted he didn’t want to “look like a meathead.” To do this, all Timberlake really had to do was up his cardio because of his already slender build.

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Kate Beckinsale (119 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches).

After seeing her play Selena in the Underworld you’d think the star stayed that fit naturally, but the actress admits she doesn’t enjoy it and only does it when she has to. The star says the gym isn’t a part of her daily life, only something she does when she has to- like for a role.

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Kate Hudson (110 pounds, 5 feet 6 inches).

The actress gained and lost 70 pounds after her second pregnancy, and although she says the weight loss was faster this time around it still wasn’t easy. Now with a new incredible body, the 34-year old has a new obsession: old school jump rope! She says she carries one with her and whenever she gets a chance, she gets jumping!

In addition to all this fitness she also watches her calorie count. Hudson admits she only does elimination diets or juice cleanses twice a year.

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Katherine Heigl (139 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches).

Known for her bold statements, the lovely curvy blonde actress always speaks her mind and she doesn’t hold back when discussing weight and Hollywood. She says she admires how hard women in Hollywood work for their bodies, but has no desire to do the same.

She says it’s because she’s “too lazy” and enjoys food. She also isn’t concerned about having to prepare her body for nudity on the big screen, because she admits to not being comfortable with it. The actress has said, “I’m flawed, I’m not perfect” when discussing her own body image.

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Kate Moss (105 pounds, 5 feet 6 inches).

The supermodel has been reported as charging photographers $10, 000 an hour for a session! With a going rate that high it’s no wonder she works out four times a week and carries a personal mantra of: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny looks.”

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Keira Knightley (110 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches).

Her mother even came out in defense of her daughter’s weight, when the actress’s thin frame sparked rumours of an eating disorder. Her mother chalks it all up to a great metabolism, especially since the star admits to hating exercise. Knightley also admits that she’s a terrible cook, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to eat and going for it!

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Keri Russell (112 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches).

The 37-year-old actress and mother of two has an incredibly tight set of abs that seem impossible after two kids, but the actress says she thanks genes from her father’s side of the family. Russell says she never diets, and admits to eating everything in moderation, but leads a physically active life. The star says she is able to achieve this simply by living in Manhattan, where she bikes and walks everywhere instead of hopping in a car.

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Chrissy Teigen (121 pounds, 5 feet 8.5 inches) *Kirsten Dunst*.

The model that recently made her Sports Illustrated debut, also has a food blog which she writes. In her blog ‘So Delushious’, Chrissy shares low-carb recipes she’s come up with and uses! The beauty also shares that breakfast is the one meal she refuses to skip and that it has to have eggs, and when she’s in the mood for salty crunchy chips she opts for wasabi flavoured seaweed sheets instead. Chrissy is also a lover of Sashimi, which she says she’ll buy “six pieces or so a day and just snack on them” or wrap them up in her seaweed sheets!

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Kristen Stewart (105 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches).

Being 23 has its benefits, like a metabolism that allows you to eat whatever you want. This is basically the case with the young Twilight star, but for her role in Snow White and the Huntsmen she said she had to change her thin “boy body” into a womanly one. This wasn’t too hard for the already thin and young star, she just added a personal trainer to the mix!

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Gabrielle Union (125 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches) *Laetitia Casta*.

The “Being Mary Jane” star recently made headlines when she went on the Conan O’Brien show to talk about her fitness routine. She called it the “Porn Diet” because she watches the adult film stars at her gym to see how they work out and eat for motivation and inspiration. The gorgeous actress is an incredible beauty, with a stunning body at 41, and a great sense of humour.

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Charlie Hunnam (158 pounds, 6 feet) *Al Pacino*.

He plays an outlaw biker on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, and has now landed his first lead in the action film Pacific Rim. Although the television heartthrob still maintains a gorgeous body for his biker role, he had to beef it up even more for his new role. So, after 15-hour shooting days for Sons he finds time to squeeze in his workouts. Hunnam is also a fan of the Bartendaz workout program, a program that is based on intense and challenging workouts using playgrounds and parks

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Leonardo DiCaprio (172 pounds, 6 feet) (nothing else).

Although Gwyneth Paltrow has openly stated that he was the one who planted the seed on anti-red meat, it’s hard to confirm that on DiCaprio’s side since he was spotted devouring a steak while out with actor Toby Maguire (a vegan!). Either way, vegan, vegetarian, omnivore- he looks great!

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Melissa McCarthy (200+ pounds, 5 feet 2 inches) *Lisa Kudrow*.

She’s a super talented actress- and it seems comedy is her forte since she’s had an amazing past few years as a result of her outstanding comedic work She’s had a slew of nominations and awards, one blockbuster hit after the other, and she’s the costar of CBS’s hit comedy Mike and Molly. McCarthy has been open about responding to her weight critics.

She told Good Housekeeping magazine that she doesn’t beat herself up over not being a size six because she knows she’s healthy. The mom of two girls says she doesn’t want to obsess and pass that habit onto her girls. McCarthy is great advocate for positive body image and self esteem for young girls and women across the board.

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Lady Gaga (112 pounds, 5 feet 1 inch).

The pop superstar went through a 25-pound weight gain after enjoying comfort for a season at her parent’s restaurant in New York. She’s been quoted as saying, “I love eating pasta and pizza,” and did not seem apologetic about her weight gain. Shortly after speaking openly about it, she lost the excess weight through healthy eating and exercise. According to Pop Sugar Fitness, healthy options for Gaga include salsa with grain chips, tofu, turkey slices, hummus, and coconut water.

The superstar has also opened up about her previous ten-year battle with bulimia.

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Madonna (110 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches).

Who better to open a fitness club in Toronto than the age defying Material Girl herself? The 55 year old iconic megastar and nowadays lifestyle guru, recently opened Hard Candy Fitness Studio, a sophisticated dance based fitness centre with expert instructors and personal trainers. The chain also has seven other locations across the world: Sydney, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Mexico City, Moscow, Rome, and Santiago.

Mariah Carey (125 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches).

The iconic diva joined the list of celebs that used endorsement deals to lose weight. The singer openly discussed her 70-pound weight gain with her twins on The Rosie O’Donnell Show and to Shape magazine. Carey had a difficult pregnancy and after losing an initial 40 pounds of water weight after delivery, she turned to Jenny Craig for her weight loss success. Carey says she had a structured eating plan with Jenny Craig along with a workout routine to lose the remaining 30 pounds, and she looks fantastic!

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Gwyneth Paltrow (120 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches).

The 41 year old actress and mother of two, is known for her very intense views on healthy living and has put them down in her new cookbook It’s All Good. The super healthy recipes are free of eggs, dairy, sugar, soy, meat, most seafood, processed food, and alcohol. The Country Strong actress recently told the UK Guardian that it was Leonardo Dicaprio who planted the seed on no meat for her when she first moved to New York:

“He was a vegetarian and he’d talk about how dirty meat is and how bad factory farming is.” The actress turned life-style guru has even been linked to the baby food diet- just baby food all day and then dinner is believed by some to help cleanse your body while still providing all essential nutrients and managing your weight.

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Mark Wahlberg (180 pounds, 5 feet 8.5 inches).

The actor is no stranger to changing his body for roles. For his character in Pain and Gain the actor reportedly had to gain 40 pounds of muscle in just seven weeks! The actor says he ate 10-12 times a day just to help put on the weight, and decreased the amount of cardio time he did. His workout routine involved five days of intense training with personal trainer, Bryan Nguyen.

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Matt Damon (187 pounds, 5 feet 10 inches).

He’s a box office favourite and it’s no surprise when he’ll push his body to its limits for the art of portraying his character. In 1996 he lost 50 pounds to play a heroin addict in Courage Under the Bridge, which later caused him adrenal gland damage he had to repair. To play an overweight character in 2009’s The Informant Damon gained 30 pounds. Then in 2013’s Elysium he underwent a serious bulk up that required him to spend four hours a day in the gym!

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Megan Fox (114 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches).

The former Transformers actress recently gave birth to her second child in February. The actress has gone on record after her first pregnancy as saying that she didn’t gain much (only 23 pounds) and left the hospital almost at her previous weight! This isn’t the typical story for most pregnant women. Her trainer Harley Pasternak admits, she worked out throughout her entire pregnancy and was “a model of health”. Fox also does not eat dairy.

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Miley Cyrus (108 pounds, 5 feet 4.5 inches).

Former Disney child star and current headline siren has had to grow up in the public eye. She shed her old Hannah Montana image and adopted new controversial persona. The singer told Rolling Stone magazine in a recent interview that she’s only 108 pounds. The media and the public have openly criticized Cyrus for her smaller frame, but the star just seems to be growing up and shedding her baby fat. Cyrus also says her intolerance to gluten and dairy caused a significant decrease in her weight. To get her super tight abs, the 21 year old says she does 30 minutes of crunches a day- now that’s a serious ab workout.

More About Miley Cyrus...

Adrianna Lima (123 pounds, 5 feet 10 inches).

Supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana is known for her incredible physique. She shocked viewers and doubled her fan base when she shed nearly 50 pounds just weeks after the she had her second child- all in time to walk the runway! She is a follower of the Paleo diet and is known for her extreme and grueling workout sessions to which she owes her incredibly toned body.

More About Adrianna Lima...

Michelle Williams (110 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches) *Mila Jovovich*.

The Oscar winning actress told Marie Claire Magazine that she turned to yoga to help her cope with the death of Heath Ledger (former boyfriend and father of her eight year old daughter). Williams said in the interview, that yoga allowed her to feel renewed as a mother. This realization made Williams think of other single mothers who may want to practice yoga but are unable due to childcare. So to help, the actress started a Boston based project called Yoga for Single Moms. Now, through that program local moms can attend free yoga classes with onsite childcare!

Naomi Campbell (119 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches).

How does a 43-year old Veteran Supermodel prepare for the Versace catwalk after a 14-year hiatus? She juices on nothing but carrot, ginger, and pineapple juice for 10 days prior! The actress also told Harpers Bazaar US that she recently became a vegetarian, uses juice cleanse three or four times a week (only juice no food), and prefers to have a big lunch instead of eating dinner. If that isn’t enough, the supermodel also does not eat after 8pm, consume alcohol, and barely eats desert!

Natalie Portman (110 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches).

Like her Black Swan co-star, Mila Kunis, transforming her body into a ballerina’s for her role was more than a full time job. She really worked for the Oscar she won for it! Like Mila, the star lost 20 pounds almost starving herself to be that thin. Portman reportedly trained up to eight hours a day, six days a week for almost six grueling months!

Nicole Kidman (127 pounds, 5 feet 10.5 inches).

More than dieting, Kidman believes in a healthy lifestyle combined with a healthy consciousness. The 46 year old Australian actress, and mother of four knows balance is the key to achieving great results. That’s why the star admits to not depriving herself of any foods, but rather eating a little bit of everything in moderation and keeping a regular workout routine. The actress shared with Women’s Health Magazine that she believes most in the power of meditation, and that she’s done it everyday since she was seventeen.

Hannah Simone (120 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches) *Nicole Richie*.

She’s plays “Cece” on the hit comedy New Girl and is a former Much Music VJ and fashion model. The multi ethnic beauty opened up about her character and her body type to Glow magazine, explaining why “Cece” breaks stereotypes and why she hates the word “curvy”. Simone says in the interview that it’s important for her to play a character whose main focus isn’t race but personality and challenges. As for calling her body type “curvy”- don’t, she doesn’t like it: 'Curvy is just a polite way of saying fat. And I’m not … I’m confident with my body.”

Joe Manganiello (220 pounds, 6 feet 5 inches).

He plays a super ripped werewolf on screen for HBO’s True Blood, but in his down time the actor has penned a fitness book with a forward by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The book is meant to teach you how to get results like Manganiello, but it is definitely not a book for beginners or for those who like light workouts. ‘Evolution: The Cutting-Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls And Building The Body You’ve Always Wanted’ encourages readers to go inside themselves to muster the strength to pull through his serious fitness regimen.

Denzel Washington (200 pounds, 6 feet 1 inch) *Patrick Swayze*.

The 59-year-old Academy award-winning actor has given audiences both sides of the spectrum. For the 1990 boxing film The Hurricane, he shed 40 pounds by training 16 months before shooting even began for five days a week. Audiences saw Washington’s body transformed into the athletic build of a boxer. For 2012’s Flight, Washington went the other way and gained weight to play an alcoholic pilot. The star admitted on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ that he “loved it!” because he got to “eat really big meals at midnight.” Sounds a lot more fun than losing 40 pounds!

Penelope Cruz (114 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches).

The stunning Spanish actress told Allure magazine that her post baby weight loss was accelerated by breastfeeding. The actress openly discussed the benefits she has experienced from breastfeeding both her children, especially health wise. Cruz also maintains an active lifestyle that includes dance workouts, and a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Sofia Vergara (125 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches)*Rachelle Lefevre*.

The Modern Family actress spoke with Shape magazine about how she keeps her fabulous hourglass figure. The actress admitted she hates the gym, but believes in balance. The Columbian beauty told the magazine she keeps her portions controlled, and includes veggies and lean proteins into her diet … but her guilty pleasure is cake, which she often indulges in! Her son even made a recent parody video emphasizing his gorgeous mother’s healthy appetite, jokingly calling her a “glutton”.

Frida Pinto (114 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches)*Rachel Miner*.

Former Slumdog Millionaire star, and recent Immortals actress told Access Hollywood that she felt guilty when she watched her Immortals co-stars dieting. Pinto, who says she generally stays in great shape, didn’t have to watch what she ate, but since her male co-stars needed to look like warriors they weren’t allowed such luxuries!

More About Freida Pinto...

Ryan Renolds (190 pounds, 6 feet 2 inches) *Raven Symone*.

He started his career as a comedic actor, but showed us how serious he was when he bared his six-pack for his role in Blade: Trinity. Years later, that body still gets rave reviews, with accusations of him even having had pectoral implants! But the star’s serious ab work was real and a result of training six days a week for three months. To add muscle mass Reynolds consumed a diet of 3200 calories a day and put on 25 pounds. With that type of dedication, fans were not surprised when for Green Lantern the actor worked out seven days a week, for 90 minutes six months before shooting.

More About Ryan Renolds...

Zoe Saldana (115 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches) *Rebecca Gayheart*.

The 35 year old actress has an impressive resume: Columbiana, Avatar, Star Trek 1 & 2… and she continues to be one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. In an interview with Women’s Health the star talked about turning to her trainer for motivation, and mixing things up so she doesn’t get bored. As for food? Saldana told the magazine that she believes in balance but still does sometimes “pig out on pasta”! That sounds like great balance for such a hard working actress!

More About Zoe Saldana...

Rebecca Romijn (125 pounds, 5 feet 11 inches).

The actress has openly discussed her difficult time with weight loss after gaining more than 60 pounds with her twin girls. For an interview with Fitness magazine, the star discussed her weight loss struggles saying that her previous diet and exercise routine were no longer effective and she had to change her lifestyle. The X-Men and Ugly Betty actress finally found weight loss success through Bikram yoga. The star also admitted in the interview that a complete revamp of her diet was needed as well, so she cut red meat, alcohol, sugar, dairy, fat, and starch!

More About Rebecca Romijn...

Rihanna (105-110 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches).

She’s one of the few stars that have commented on her own weight getting too low at a point in her career. As a result of a world tour, and working too hard the star had lost a noticeable amount of weight and gained media attention for it. She openly admitted to being dissatisfied with her thinner frame. The pop superstar has since regained her weight and continues to have one of the most astonishing bodies in the Hollywood.

More About Rihanna...

Robert Pattinson (165 pounds, 6 feet 1 inch).

He rose to fame as Twilight’s leading man, but working out and bearing a six-pack have never been part of Pattinson’s personality. He’s repeatedly been quoted as saying that he’s one of the few men in Hollywood who doesn’t possess the infamous six-pack. He told Sunday Style that he’d rather “get drunk” and never “take my shirt off.” That’s all changed though, the British sensation has been seen hitting the gym for his new role in Mission: Blacklist. He plays a military interrogator who helps with capture of Sadam Hussein, and he has a few intimate scenes that require his body to be camera ready!

More About Robert Pattinson...

Mindy Kaling (150 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches).

She’s an Office alum and the current executive producer, creator, head writer, and star of her self-titled sitcom, The Mindy Project. Now if all that isn’t impressive enough, that also makes Kaling one of the only women of colour to ever create her own television series. The pretty actress’ healthy size eight figure has become a topic of discussion. Kaling told US magazine that she would love “to lose 15 pounds and exercise 5-7 times a week” in a perfect world, but when she works from 6am-2am, regular exercise almost becomes a luxury. The actress does tell the magazine that she jogs regularly due to a history of heart attacks on her paternal side.

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